Behind The Wheel

Driving Excellence in Staffing Operations

By Charted Path’s Mike Cleland


I wish every industry had a Mike Cleland. Mike combines his knowledge as a practitioner with proven management practices to produce a highly relevant book for staffing executives and managers. He shows staffing entrepreneurs how to scale and professionalize their companies beyond a successful start-up or lifestyle business. Every page of his book benefits from his experience and passion to teach others how to build a business to exceed all expectations of every stakeholder of the enterprise.

Cliff Oxford
NY Times Blogger Founder: Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs 

The importance of the staffing manager in ensuring their company thrives regardless of market conditions cannot be underestimated. As the first book in a three part series, Behind the Wheel: Driving Excellence in Staffing Operations helps staffing managers understand their operations so that they can improve both short and long-term results. In this book, you will gain an understanding of market forces facing the industry along with the strategic drivers that must be improved to adjust to those forces. This understanding will then allow you to build a staffing operation that is well-managed, adaptable, performance-driven and prepared to thrive in any market condition.

With over 20 years of consulting experience, Mike Cleland has shaped his success around the belief that building a flourishing business is less about harping on limitations, but improving on your strengths. As the founder of Charted Path, Mike understands that the motivation for long-term, sustainable growth is to look at the complete picture of a company, and offer a clear vision of the future to everyone involved. By working on strategic planning, process improvement, performance development, compensation plan design, metrics portfolio creation and more with over 60 multi-million dollar companies in various verticals, he knows how to make the ambitions you have for your business a certainty. When not working with his clients, Mike continues to share his knowledge through various articles, speaking engagements and writing books.